The home of Lops Brewing began construction in February 2019. The tasting room is located on the first floor and the brewery in the basement of a building built in 1891. Both spaces were completely rehabilitated while keeping some of the original features of the space.  Historical highlights include the original brick along the north wall, large eye latches above the bar, original stone basement walls, and a bar top crafted from original reclaimed wood floor (you can even see burnt marks from a building fire).  Take a look at the images below at the stages of construction and finished spaces. 

7/25 - Porter, Red & NEIPA are ready
7/25 - Finished Bar
7/25 - Ready for Opening Weekend!
6/23 - First Brew Day
The inaugural Lops Brewing beer - Coffee Porter
6/23 - Grain Bill
300lbs of Grain for the Coffee Porter
6/23 - Brewhouse set up
Brewhouse and Fermenters are in place
6/7 - Fermentor delivery
Making sure that it will fit through the door
6/7 - Fermentors in Place
Fermentors are ready to be filled
6/3 - First Keg Delivery
6/3 - Keg Stack
Kegs are ready to be filled
5/9 - Bar
Bar before final finishing touches
5/9 - Fans and Lights
Fans and Lights Installation
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